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The Press
(Studio A)

The Press (Studio A) is our flagship studio with the fully loaded API 1608 and the Quested 212s as the centrepiece this room and can accommodate all kinds of recording needs. Our 500 sqft recording room is equipped with a Yamaha Baby Grand, Fender Rhodes, Pearl Reference Series Drum 5-Piece Drum Kit and almost any kind of guitar/bass amp you will require. The Room also features ample sunlight and a panoramic view of the city outside. 

API 1608

API 548B

Universal Audio 4-710d

Focusrite ISA 428 MKII

Audient ASP 880

Focusrite ISA 828

API 550A

API 560

API 527

Elysia Xpressor 500

Bettermaker C502

Empirical Labs Distressor


Tegler Cremé

XR425 E Series EQ (SSL X Rack)

G Bus Compressor (SSL X Rack)

XR727 Fully Parametric EQ (SSL X Rack)

SSL Fusion

Warm Audio WA - 76

Quested SR 7

TEAC A-3440 Tape Machine

Quested 212

Focal Twin6 BE

Focal Solo 6 BE


Behringer Powerplay 16

Orion 32HD

IMac Pro

Avid Protools Ultimate

Apple Logic Pro X

UAD-2 OCTO Satellite


UAD Apollo X8

TC Electronic Clarity M Surround

Lexicon PCM 96

Eventide DSP 4000

Line 6 Echo Pro


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