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The Bay
(Studio B)

The Bay (Studio B) is our cozy little dubbing room but it has enough inputs to track an entire band live keeping the drums in our 100sqft live room and the rest of the musicians going DI in the control room. The room is also for perfect for VOs, ADR and single instrument overdubs. The control room is still power packed with the famous Avalon 737 preamp and for consistency the API 3124. In addition to that we have a selection of 500 series and the legendary Dangerous 2-BUS plus for summing. As you can see this little power packed room can deliver quite a punch for your mixes and it also has its own private balcony to set out and get some fresh air.

API 3124V

WA 273

Avalon 737

Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Mk II


Avalon 737

DBX 560A

Serpent Audio SB4001

DBX 510

Little Labs VOG

Dangerous 2-Bus+

Genelec 8260A


Mac Pro

Avid Protools Native

Apple Logic Pro X


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